How to Loose a Guy

images Have you ever met a guy that you are crazy about?  And just before you know it, he’s on his way out the door. But, for whatever reason that you might think that he’s not good enough or cute enough or rich enough, here is how to lose him:

1. Lie- Be dishonest as much as possible. Don’t tell him your true feelings. Girls, tell him that you’re not looking for anything serious; In other words, be cold and unavailable.

2. Initiate Call him or text him all the time. Always make plans for the weekend. Better yet, make him spend the night at your place most of the time. Do you feel like going the extra mile? Drive to see him.

3. Pretend-Be the opposite of who you are. In other words, be that girl you think that he wants you to be.

4. Man pleaser- Always try  harder to be cute, sexy, or pretty. Always try to prove how perfect your are. Always try to make him laugh, impress him, and get his attention. Why don’t you just be his personal   cheerleader. 

5. Happy-go-lucky- Just say yes to everything. 

6. Put him on a pedestal -Make him feel like he’s your own personal “Edward Cullen.” Be obsessed.

7. Have sex –  When he acts like a playboy and treats you like you’re just another girl, that’s when you sleep with him.

There are plenty more ways on making him disappear. But first coffee, after making out with him at the parking lot the night you first met.

















The Lazy One

Yes, I’ve seen this one before. It’s the one who never gets anywhere and accomplishes nothing. It’s the one who sits and wait for something that never comes. It waits for something or someone all day long; who knows what it’s really waiting for? A chance? An opening? The right time? The right place? The right person? Damn, I can go on and on, but I’m tired. 8734694b-10bf-42a2-90b4-7ebd2e183fe9_560_420

Yes, I remembered Lazy; it’s the one who sits and looks pretty but always gets left behind. Its job is so easy that anyone can do it. You should try it too. Sit down with your feet up and rest your head behind your arms. Then, reach for that remote control and let the television entertain and plan the rest of your day. Do you hear that? That is the sound of your cell phone. Go right ahead and answer it and talk all the day long about nothing. You have no goal and no vision. All you do is talk and talk and talk but never doing anything.So be lazy and be poor for the rest of your cursed forsaken life. What are you waiting for?